Top 10 Reasons to Join 

1.  Make an impact on your community.

2.  Learn about different organizations in the county.

3.  Network with other women.

4.  Be a mentor for young women on how important philanthropy is to a community.

5.  An opportunity to give to others your time and treasure.

6.  Feel uplifted.

7.  Smile knowing you just made a difference to an organization.

8.  Meet new people.

9.  Reconnect with friends.

10.  Time commitment is small; impact is big.

How It Works


Financial commitment of $100 per quarter, as an individual or team.  Time commitment is limited just one hour per quarter for meetings.


Members are encouraged to nominate local causes prior to the meeting date.  Nomination forms are found under our documents tab.  


Arrive early/stay late to socialize, network, and enjoy dinner/drinks with our members.  This is completely optional.


Typical meeting agenda:
6:30 pm - Gather and socialize
7:00 pm - Meeting begins
Welcome and announcements
Previous quarter recipient presentation
Random drawing of 3 nominated organizations
Presentations and discussion of selected organizations by nominating members
Voting and counting of ballots
Announcement of recipient
Collection of checks
8:00 pm   Conclusion of meeting


Within just one hour of arriving, you’ll write your $100 check to the chosen cause… and go home knowing you’ve made a big difference.


+ When do you meet?

The second Monday of the second month of the quarter.

+ Where do you meet?

Meetings alternate locations throughout the county based on member recommendation and site availability.

+ Do I have to jon to attend meetings?

We encourage attendance and conscientious of your time by keeping the meeting to an hour. However, if you are unable to attend, we suggest sending a signed check along with another member to the meeting. We will also announce the recipient organization and ways to contribute via website, Email and Facebook.

+ Can anyone join?

Yes! All women or teams of women who want to make a difference in Ozaukee County are welcome to join. In addition, we accept donations to recipient causes from visiting groups and non-members.

+ Is there a cost to join?

There is no initial or annual fee to join. However, members are making a commitment to donate to all causes that are selected during quarterly meetings.

+ May I invite people to join?

Yes, membership is open and we welcome people to attend quarterly meetings to observe. We welcome you to join either as an individual or as a team.

+ HJow many people can be on a team?

Teams consists of 2-4 individuals who commit to a collective $100 per quarter.

+ How many votes may team have?

Teams have one collective vote, regardless of the number of members on the team.


+ What types of organizations have been nominated in the past?

1Q15 - Advocates of Ozaukee County
2Q15 - Starting Point of Ozaukee County
3Q15 - Portal, Inc
4Q15 - Family Promise
1Q16 - United Way of Northern Ozaukee
2Q16 - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ozaukee County
3Q16 - Family Sharing of Ozaukee County

+ If I nominate an organization and they are not picked, may I nominate them again?

Yes! You will be asked before the next quarterly meeting if you would like your nomination to be submitted again. The same nomination information will be used unless you see a need to change it.

+ WIf I am not at the meeting, can I still vote?

No, we restrict voting to members who are present at the quarterly meeting.

+ If I miss a meeting how do I get my check to the selected organization?

An announcement of the recipient organization and the method of submitting donations will be made after the meeting via Website update, Email and Facebook.

+ WMy personal beliefs do not align with the chosen organization. Will I be forced to contribute?

100+ Women of Ozaukee County is a voluntary organization. Although we encourage all members to donate quarterly, each member makes a personal decision to contribute.

Interested in Joining

Membership forms can be found by clicking the button below or by emailing a request to

You are also welcome to attend a meeting with no obligation to participate.